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Fine Arts

Barbara Young

I teach kindergarten through sixth grade, and I will be offering lessons plans in age-appropriate art history, drawing and sketching with pencils, crayon and chalk, painting with watercolors, tempera and pastels, fired clay pottery and glazing. I also teach color studies: familiarizing children with primary, secondary and tertiary colors - showing them how to mix primaries to make other colors with paint and other media. 

Student drawing of a castle
Student artwork of dragons
Student-made clay pottery

Cerese Dewart

I try to expose students to a wide variety of music and musical concepts, in alignment with state music standards, and to instill a love of music in each child.

We offer music for students in pre-K through 6th grades. We sing, play a variety of instruments, move to music, learn about composers, music history, the elements of music, music from cultures around the world and in our everyday lives here at home. We have concerts at school, perform at assemblies and participate in the Carnegie Hall LinkUp concert with the Tulsa Symphony orchestra every year.  We also do a student talent show every spring.