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You are your child’s greatest cheerleader!

Children do better in school when parents and guardians get involved. Attend school events, join parent/guardian groups, use the PowerSchool Parent Portal to keep up with grades and assignments, and visit your school’s website. Also, contact the school for additional information about your children’s academic progress and the tests they are taking at school.

Let your children know how important their work at school is and how interested you are in what they are doing. Talk with them everyday about:

  • What they did at school
  • What homework must be finished for the next day
  • What needs to be done on a future project

What you do at home can make a very big difference in how well your children achieve in school.

  • Attend parent conferences to find out how well your child is achieving and what he/she needs to do to improve.
  • Discuss with your children the importance of going to school every day and doing their best on assignments and tests.
  • Make sure your children have a quiet place to study and that they complete all homework assignments.

Here are some suggestions for helping your children in reading, writing, math and other academic areas: