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Welcome to Bell Elementary!

pre-K - 5th Grade
About Bell

At Alexander Graham Bell Elementary, we are committed to growing together towards achieving our full potential. We relentlessly pursue personal growth, demonstrate mutual trust and respect, and prepare our students for college and career.

Teaching Leadership

We utilize the national Leader in Me curriculum, which teaches leadership to every student creating a culture of student empowerment. The intended result is to increase students' motivation for learning and achieving academic success. This curriculum teaches our students to take ownership of their actions and to be the leaders of their own futures. We love to see our staff, students, and families working together as a team with a sense of shared responsibility and engagement.

Early childhood learning

We place significant value on our pre-k program, which is designed to help students make connections with one another, solve problems, learn how to be creative, and become more comfortable with interacting with peers. Our goal is to set a good foundation for the rest of their school careers, and our program thrives when parents engage in their student's learning with us.

FOCUS ON THE Whole Child

Tulsa's Any Given Child Initiative provides our students additional access to the arts through local artists and live performances. Our students engage in live arts experiences at performing arts centers, local museums, and local performance groups. We are excited to be able to provide rich, meaningful after-school experiences for our students through our partnership with One Hope Tulsa. We are able to connect our students with the Tulsa Changemakers, the YMCA, the YWCA, and Campfire.

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